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marry Me… for good*


I was driving back from Katy today and listening to some tunes on the way.  Shane and Shane’s CD Clean has been rocking in my car lately; I bought it around Christmastime.  Anyway, the Lord has been visibly sweet these past few semesters and He’s taught me much through Hosea 2:14-15.  The Shanes just happen to have a song about those two verses on this CD entitled Acres of Hope.  It’s basically describing God alluring Israel ‘into the wilderness’ that she may be stripped of everything she’s been whoring after, everything she thinks she loves.  Sounds painful, right?  Yeah.  Tell me about it.  The sweet thing is hidden in the next couple words.  Hosea says that the Lord God will then speak tenderly to her.   I’ve seen when I start to get my heart entangled with the things of this world, wanting or looking forward to these more, my focus on Him (of course) becomes blurry.  I don’t hear His gentle whisper over the passionate boomings of my own flesh.  But, once he’s stripped me of everything I thought important, I’m left in this wilderness – this dark – and my eyes can no longer see the good in anything He’s doing*.  

The first sentence of Hosea 2:15 states: “And there I will give her her vineyards and make the Valley of Achor (Trouble) a door of hope.”  His purposes for me are good!  He allures me to this place where there is nothing – nothing but Him – in order that He might not only display the fullness of His grace but also sanctify my heart.  He surrounds me with vineyards that awaken memories of rich wine; they show me that I came with nothing.  He opens my eyes to see everything good that I entirely do not deserve, He abundantly provides.  It’s revealed that if He hadn’t brought me to this valley (where we once thought the worst place in the world), my eyes could not have gazed upon this newness of hope I’d forgotten.

The last of verse 15 of Hosea 2 reads thus:  “And there she shall answer, as in the days of her youth, as at the time when she came out of the land of Egypt.”  I do not answer begrudgingly or out of necessity alone, but once this sweetness of my Love – His Spirit – engulfs me, I respond with joy, dancing, and praise.  I no longer am angry at my God for taking away the things that before so easily entangled my heart.  I now see him as my ezer, my helper, my savior.  My eyes are finally opened to see the kind generosity of my bridegroom – the Lord God of all created things on earth and in heaven.



*: this is the most crucial time that we are to delight.  In the song I mentioned earlier, Acres of Hope, the Lord is speaking and the lyrics read:  “Here in the valley walk close beside me; don’t look back, for love is growing vineyards up ahead.  You have called me master, and though you’re in the dark here, call me friend. And call me lover, and marry me for good.”  He is saying that while I am immersed in this valley that’s shadowed by darkness, I am to not only to continue to trust Him as my Master but also look at Him (the one who dragged me to this loathsome valley in the first place away from all the things I gathered up in my heart as ‘good’) as my friend.  He goes even further, that I am to want him as my lover and love that He is pursuing me – to marry me for good.  Some crazy stuff, right?

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