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the Kingdom is here.


I meet with a group of people every week who really fear the Lord.  God always teaches me abundantly more than I ever thought I’d learn from speaking with them.  He continually shapes my heart to anticipate the full reality of the coming of the Kingdom just from being around them and talking about His wonderful and sovereign works in our lives.  I met with these people tonight.  My spirit was refreshed and stirred once again to anticipate the near and real coming of our King, Jesus. It’ll be sweet when we see the end (of what we thought we know) drawing closer – even if trials before it look painful – because the knowledge of being with Him is right on the other side of that day.

It also made me think about some wisdom I heard while meeting with these same people about a month ago.  We were discussing what it looks like to live in this anticipation – knowing and living into the fact it could be any day – talking about how to live for today and today alone (as we are instructed in Matthew 6) while being wise with money, jobs, relationships, etc.  The answer: give your money freely, as you were given – as the Spirit leads; work with all diligence as unto the Lord, our God, no matter if you have one day left or 50 years; love as Christ, showing people the love of the Father and talking with people in the Spirit and as He leads.  Key theme:  Trust God.  He will (by His Spirit and promise) lead you to whom and where He wishes – in what position, relationship, social class, country, people, and community.  Always anticipate His coming, walking and living by His Spirit, worshipping our Abba and giving thanks through our Righteousness, His Son.

One other thing that refreshed my knowledge of the sweetness of my God tonight was the fact that His judgement is sweet.  The Israelites knew this – David called for it continually in the Psalms.  His judgement on His people means the bringing about of cleanliness.  He refines us in the furnace of affliction for His name’s sake.  How beautiful and life-saving it is to be loved (and disciplined) by my God.  To be clothed in the righteousness of Christ yet continually being made holy by His redeeming fire is one of the great unions of the Love that goes beyond understanding.

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