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circus tigers and such


So, I decided to finally write about something I learned a few weeks ago on here.  I always had the intention to, but every time I came to write the post, something else seemed to take precedence (those ideas don’t really know how to stay neat and organized…  I need to work on that).  Anyway, a few weeks ago at comchurch, Thad delivered a sermon entitled “Die and be raised: Bible stories, circus tigers, and Spirit-fueled imagination”.  It was as refreshing to me as an outdoor pool on a hot summer’s day (ok – today’s really hot and a pool sounds amazing – give me a break).

I’ve realized (from experience and conversations) most people tend to think of the Bible as being a record of who God was and what He said and did.  Thad brought us back to the reality of it being “living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing through soul and spirit, joint and marrow” and it really hit me in a good place.  The past couple weeks before that I fell back into just reading the bible to read it; looking for the Lord to teach me but not cherishing the time I had in it… knowing that I wanted to read to hear the Lord, to be with Him, but once getting into the scriptures not remembering why.  When I heard his words I realized what I had forgotten – it is living and is who God is and what He says and does – written to show us how God works now, today.  



He did these things so that they would show His glory in that time and written so that they would show His glory in this time – through the things He did then and through us realizing through those then what/how he is doing things now.  I read it refreshed with hope because I know Him acting in those Spirit-filled pages means Him acting now in my Spirit-filled life.

He also brought up a thought-provoking illustration.  The circus had come to College Station the week before and brought with it various types of animals (and people) – one of which were tigers.  Now, these weren’t your ordinary growling, tearing, eat-you-alive-and-not-think-twice-about-it tigers.  These tigers were different.  They had apparently been trained since they were cubs to act contrary to nature and ‘play nicely’.  These tigers weren’t real tigers in spirit, they were only oversized house cats.  This lady would flick her nice little wand at their heads and they would do fancy tricks for her (just take a look at the picture).


circus tigers


Now let’s reflect on ourselves:

We are sons and daughters of El-Elyon – the MOST HIGH GOD.  

We are empowered by the SAME Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead.

Why do we not often and continually take hold of this reality?  Why do we not boldly proclaim our Father’s reign in the world?  Why do we not earnestly pray for grace for those who do not know, a spirit of love, truth, and community, healing for the sick, justice in all nations, and intentionality in our relationships?  Why do we give time to lesser loves and future worries?  Why do we act timid and scared of earthly circumstances when our Father (the Sovereign Creator and Sustainer of the Universe) has promised us that not a hair of our head will perish?

Let us no longer act as mere circus tigers.  Let us ask our Master and our Love to empower us to act as we are: citizens of heaven and pilgrims on this earth.  Let us know who we are, and more importantly, who we belong to.

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