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how He teaches:


I was just reflecting on the posts I have written since I started this blog about a month ago.  One, God is faithful and good and He’s taught me so much.  Two, it is interesting to see how many different people and ways God has chosen to sovereignly use to speak to my spirit.

  • the Rope and the threads: through talking with my friend Becca – I usually process situations and ideas outside of myself in some way, whether that be journalling or talking, and the Lord has visibly used His Spirit to teach me through this.
  • marry Me… for good*: through listening to a song – I’m big on knowing the lyrics, and understanding them – that’s how I learn much and worship the Designer of it all.
  • Little by Little: through reading the Bible – when I, as an obedient child, read His words, He uses it as one of the many ways He speaks to me – through His Spirit-filled pages.
  • Daddy – i belong to You!:  through reading a book – yes, just a normal book – but God uses people now days to write things by His Spirit too!
  • the Kingdom is here:  through meeting with a group of people I really love – and listening to His Spirit prompting their hearts to speak.
  • circus tigers and such: through listening to Thad, a pastor at comchurch, one of my top three favorite places in the world, along with this place – one of the most glorious rooftops I’ve been on (for mostly unseen reasons).

east asia

and how many more endless ways there are!  how good and powerful and loving and sovereign our faithful God is!  thank you my Master and my Love!

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