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lest we forget…


I was reading an interview with a guy named Andras Visky after it was brought up by a friend. Visky’s a Romanian playwright born in 1957.  He wrote a play called ‘Disciples’ that I would absolutely love to see.  In this interview, he talks about how we forget the promises of God – linking this period of time (between Jesus’ resurrection and second coming) back to when the disciples forgot how Jesus told them that He would rise again in three days.  How easily we forget the promises of God!  So, for an Easter play he set ‘Disciples’ in the time span between when Jesus died and when He rose again – those days of raging uncertainty in the His followers’ minds.  Visky shows them getting together, meeting secretly – which, normally would have been a bad idea since the Roman government just killed their leader and this would have been seen as a conspiracy – and talking to each other about the times they did have with Jesus, lest they forget – to remind themselves of the promises.

This is a good illustration of how we, as Christians, should interact with each other – not only to encourage each other but also (and even more importantly) to remind each other of our God and the wonderful deeds He works in our lives, for His glory and our joy.  Just look back to the OT – our forgetfulness is foreshadowed even with the Israelites’ in Deuteronomy.  God is talking to Moses, telling him that when he dies the people (who have just seen the Red Sea parted in front of them) will forget the Lord and whore after foreign gods.  He instructs Moses to teach the Israelites a song, that when they sing it and when they teach their children to sing it, it will be a witness against them because even though they have turned from God, the song will live in the mouths of their offspring.  How crazy is that?  God knows that when He brings them into the promised land – the land flowing with prosperity – they will all forget and whore after other things.

Let us, in this weird waiting period between Jesus’ death and resurrection not look to earthly pleasure or goods to sustain us. When we meet, let us talk about the Lord our God and the works we’ve seen Him bring forth in our lives, pulling one another further into the kingdom. “Let the word of Christ dwell in us richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom,singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in our hearts to God”.  Let us put in our children’s hearts new songs of the God who promises and acts, who is sovereign and good, who teaches us of His faithfulness through the mouths of babes.  Let us press on to know our God.

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  1. Ailisha permalink
    June.18.2009 8:39am

    Glad you found Andras’ interview (I work with him in Romania) and thought you might be interested to know that Andras will be at Calvin College’s Faith and Writing Festival this coming spring,

    You can also find an audio of him at
    It’s the seventh link from the bottom, or you can just search for “Visky” in the page.

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