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Haiti… here we come!


I leave for Haiti in less than a week – Saturday (27th) to be exact.  I would love it if y’all could pray for my team and I as we travel and spend a week here doing all sorts of stuff. One of the main things we will be doing is working on a project to build a rooftop vegetable garden for them.  This will be a pretty cool project, and the Lord has provided all the funds that we will need to pull it off in this third world country.  We’ll also be singing and worshipping with them, playing with them, eating with them, swimming with them, and enduring the non-air conditioned heat with them (although we will only have to do it for a week).  Pray that:  we would be able to humbly love and serve the orphans and women that come through this ministry, we would be bold to talk about Jesus and the good news that is seen through Him, we would be free from sickness or health issues, we would be able to encourage the long-term missionaries while we’re there, and that God will teach us abundantly more about Him and His glory than we could ask or think.  I know that God will use this trip to do exactly what He has planned since before the foundation of the world.  I’ll try to post some pictures after we get back – stay tuned.

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