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day 2


On Sunday we were able to go to the Port-Au-Prince Fellowship, the church that John pastors here in Haiti.  It was a good and refreshing time of worship with Saints from Haiti and from America.  We got there early so the two guys who came with us who can play guitar (Ross and Will) could practice with the band – which was also awesome for us, getting to hang out with two of the kids, Sammy and Gino outside.  It was vibrant, lively, and Spirit-filled.  They do a morning meeting with music for about an hour and a half and a message, as well as a night worship time for about an hour and a half.

This is us at about 7:15 in the morning driving to the building.

30 minute drive to church

We arrived 30 minutes later to a private school they use to meet in.  This is the building where the church congregates each Sunday.


Before the service, we enjoyed the cool early morning weather.  The kids were great and we were able to talk with some Americans who are either living in Haiti for the time being or who are visiting on a mission trip.


This is Gino.  He’s three and can make you smile no matter how you’re feeling.  He also loves to be held.

GinoThe church was very free.  There were tons of instruments in the band and a few people even brought tambourines.  It was encouraging to accompany them in worshipping our God and Savior.  How great and magnificent and wonderful our God is.

before church

Two other guys (Justin and Nathan) arrived to join us tonight as well – they had been in the Dominican for the past two weeks doing some medical stuff.  Tomorrow is travel day – we are going to Ravine Seche, a seaside village to do some things there.  Pray that the Lord continues to show Himself faithfully.

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