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time is flying too fast


Yesterday we started work on the rooftop vegetable garden – it’s on the top of the boy’s orphanage.  Here’s what it looked like when we got up there.  One good thing:  first thing to go up?  a shade cloth.

We then started the garden.  The idea was to create a system that would be easier to grow plants in and keep them watered.  They came up with it, we put it into action.  By about lunch time, we were going at a pretty steady rate and had accomplished about 40 buckets with the assembly line in full swing.
After lunch, the girls on the team were able to go back to the Women’s Center and love on babies for a while.  They do a class every Tuesday on Early Childhood Development for new moms that had been in their Pre-Natal Program.
Once we got back to the roof, work had been in full force for about 5 hours.
workin hard
The day went pretty well and we were almost finished putting the buckets together before we went home…  until the last 10 minutes we were on the roof.  Our first major event – an injury.
Jared's injury
Jared was working real hard, and sliced a pocket knife into his hand.
the cut
He’s okay though, don’t worry.  It was only gushing blood for a couple minutes.
happy Jared
We do have a doctor with us on the trip (Dr.B, Clayton’s Dad) and he and Clayton put three staples in it after we got home – surgical ones.  Intense.  At least they had some pain killers!
We have really been able to have good time as a group – every night we get time together to talk, do devotionals, sing, and pray.  God has been showing Himself faithfully to me visibly in simple things that I ask Him for; His glory is more than I can fathom.  Pray for David, a guy with us on the trip – he’s a farmer and been a big help to the rooftop project.  He lost some meds in traveling here and it’s been affecting him these past few days.  Pray that the Lord’s light and joy shine through and our Maker will heal him completely.  Let us praise the Lord together for His faithful leading, goodness, and sovereignty.
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  1. July.2.2009 1:55am

    Thanks for your effort to keep us all connected to what’s happening there, Tiffany. It’s been great for many of us back here in our air-conditioned homes.

  2. July.2.2009 8:55am

    Jared, sorry to hear about your flesh wound.

    It’s great to hear about all the work y’all are doing and all the Lord is doing through y’all!

  3. steph lee permalink
    July.2.2009 12:25pm

    love the updates…thank you so much for posting. Seeing Jared’s hand makes me feel better! Hope your day today is delightful!

  4. Joe kraft permalink
    July.2.2009 3:02pm

    Thanks so much for blogging. the stories and the photos make me wish even more that i could be there. Tell Beth and John that the Kraft’s are praying for them. Keep the blogging and photos coming. Remember that the effect that you have on the people in Haiti is only have of the mission, the other half is how they affect you. Blessings. Joe Kraft

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