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I purchased Derek Webb’s new CD yesterday, Stockholm Syndrome.  If you’ve heard his sound before, it’s quite different with this batch of songs.  What gets me moved even more though are his words – I’m a big lyrics person and these are probably the best thought-provoking lyrics I’ve ever heard.  Check it out. It’s only 7.99 for a direct download of 13 songs (and an opening one).  It not only connects profoundly well throughout the disc musically, but also lyrically.  Seriously.  It’s good.  But, I mean – it is Derek Webb – get ready to be shaken up a bit as well.

Here’s a preview if you don’t believe me – lyrics from the song American Flag Umbrella:


“I’m building a house on the limb

I need something that could stop a war

but I’m assailed on all sides by extremists with eyes on my heart, so I lied to everyone.

And I’ve lied to so many lovers

and I’ve gotten away with it to

but if God is against us then who can be for us, my friends, there’s justice for everyone.

And please take your hands off my brother

please take your laws off my lover

the agents of love should always be blind and on time, till there’s freedom for everyone.

And where are your American brothers?

American before they were named

they’re a huddling mass with no oceans to cross for our shores, where there’s fortune for everyone.

Oppression is always oppression

no matter the reasons or means

for skin or for sex, by stares or by fist, it’s the same, there’s blinders on everyone.

I’ve looked through the eyes of my father

and I’ve walked through Lincoln’s backyard

and there’s still a backseat when you ride on the bus through this town, there’s color on everyone.

So we lie beneath the tree of no color

we get an American Flag umbrella

keeps the elements out and it’s stuck to the ground in this place, but there’s room for everyone.

Oh I know a way out of hell

we raise all our enemies children

after they’ve murdered ours, we affix all their scars to our walls, there’s heartbreak for everyone.

And in the end it will all be ok

that’s what the wise men tell us

so if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end, oh my friends, there’s hope for everyone.”

2 Comments leave one →
  1. emilyjewell permalink
    July.14.2009 12:38pm

    Can’t wait to buy this. I didn’t even know he had a new CD coming out! Thanks for being on top of it! Love.

  2. Troy permalink
    July.14.2009 2:43pm

    Right. On.

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