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do we still see things upside-down?


Well, lately I’ve been thinking about the concept of how we, as believers living now, “do” church.  Even that language I find myself using I must put into quotes because I don’t like it.  We are the church.

I think it all started forming in my mind when I was reading 1 Corinthians 12 and 14.  Paul is talking about the various gifts given by the Spirit and goes on to say that (well, he says much that I could talk about for hours – and probably already have – but this one in particular) when we (as people of the kingdom) meet together, we should let each share what has been given to him through the Spirit.

So now, today, I look at the “churches”* and see that in the main time we meet together (being on Sunday mornings) we all sit facing one person, watching and listening intently as they proclaim authority over us as our “pastor”**, leaving after exchanging polite words with the person sitting behind us.

This, my brothers and sisters, is not the way.  We are one family, with our Father in heaven.  We are one body, with Christ as the head.  We have one pastor, one teacher, one Spirit; we were called to one body, one faith, one baptism; our renewed nature is completely opposite than what comes natural to our sin nature.  Let no one convince you otherwise.  We are to die not only to ourselves and for the sake of our brothers and sisters.  We are to die for His name’s sake, whether that means dying for our friends or at the hand of our enemies.  Our God and His ways mostly seem upside-down to us, but really, they are the only things that stand up straight – let us get down from the monkey bars that we’ve so tightly wrapped our legs around.  Let us search out unremittingly for those ways that do not seem natural to the ways of this world, for we are not of this world. And we are not our own, however, we were bought with a price – so let us glorify God with our body.


*I only put this in quotes because I know there is one church, and these various organizations / gatherings are really just that – organizations and gatherings, and they should not be thought as of separate pieces but should, by all means and resources, try earnestly to unite.

**I must put this in quotes as well, for I have realized that a pastor’s main job is not standing and being listened to on Sunday mornings – on the contrary, a pastor is one who cares for the sheep (referred to instead as a shepherd in scripture – and we know there is one, true shepherd and overseer of our souls – Jesus the Christ), who willingly and eagerly exercises oversight over the flock, being an example to and guiding them in the teachings and truth of our Lord by laying down their rights.

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  1. July.20.2009 10:10pm

    you go, girl.

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