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the Spirit of the Living and Active God


The Lord has been teaching me much lately (through the community he has placed me in) about not only His Church, but also His Spirit – and for a while I thought these two topics were (in my mind and trains of thought) separate – well, together in the since that they are both of the Lord and interact with each other in various ways – but He has shown me they have much more to do with each other than at first glance.  I’ve come to realize (by His grace and Spirit) this community that we call the Church is given good gifts of the Spirit of the Living God for the purpose of building up and edifying the entire body.  Our Counselor gives these manifestations of Himself to each person in the Church, that they might share them with each other when they meet together (1 Corinthians 12:7-11 and 14:26,33).  The thing is, we’ve ignored Him so much in the previous centuries (at least in the ‘majority’ of the institutional church) that His workings and power have no place in our ‘church service’.  Just read the book of Acts (without reading the meaning that you wanted it to have back into it) and then compare it to what you see as the church around you. Similarities? Differences?

So, this brings me to the book I started reading today – Francis Chan’s new book “Forgotten God” (it comes out Sept. 1st – they were kind enough to send me an advanced copy because I am leaving the country before I could actually buy it).  To tell you the truth, after learning from the Lord about His Spirit and the Church the past few months, I was expecting another book about the Holy Spirit that explains it away and doesn’t ever recognize the fact that we really don’t see much of it in evangelical church buildings today – this is not the case.  He does a great job of setting the scene by asking people to really read the bible – without the lens given to you by the people you grew up around – and see what you come up with.  He relates to people that that have grown into views on either side of the spectrum (and somewhere in between) and challenges you with not being afraid of the what the Lord really has to give.

I’d recommend it.  and I’ve only read the first two chapters.


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