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I was walking with Blythe and Olive today when we started talking about the various kinds of trees.  It started off as me asking her why she likes to take walks; what new things she likes to see, and she responded with a pause and then “puppy dogs… kitty cats”.  I proceed to tell her: “I like the trees.”  “The trees?” she responded.

Yeah.  The trees.

trees and teaching

The Lord, as He does often, began to teach me only as the words were coming out of my own mouth.  All the trees are so different, yet at the same time they’re all the same.  Some are tall, some are wide.  Some have many branches jutting out of the bottom, some only have a few but then branch out much at the top. Some have big wide leaves (like the palm trees we saw) and some have tiny leaves; some of the leaves are huge and skinny (like banana trees) and some are small and skinny – but they’re all for the same purpose.  The Lord provided so many different variations of trees for us to see walking around that one block.  He accomplishes His purposes all right!  I continued to tell her that it’s just like the kingdom, like the family we live in.  Every person is created by and in the image of the same God.  We are all called beloved and covered by the righteousness of Christ.  Every child in the kingdom’s purpose is the same, yet the way it is accomplished through each of us looks crazily different.  We were all made to drink of the same Spirit, yet we all are granted with different manifestations of that same Spirit (for the common good).  Each of our lives look different, yet the same Lord leads each of us. Let us praise and exalt and give glory to the Lord who hid truth in creation before the beginning of time.  Let us ask Him to continue to unveil these beautiful mysteries before us. And let us look eagerly for and to Him – the Creator and Sustainer of all things.

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  1. Sue permalink
    August.23.2009 7:27am

    A daughter after her Father’s own heart!

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