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over 24 hours in Northern Africa


I made it here at about 6:30pm African time (about 10:30am Central Time).  The plane rides were great – I actually knew two people on the first plane ride and the time went by pretty fast – which is a good thing when you’re on a plane for 9+ hours.  I’m living with 3 other girls in a house/apartment here and today I went to a meeting with all the women serving in the city and then a little ‘orientation’ while the team I’ll be working with told me a bit about life here.  It may be hard to get pictures up considering everyone uses dial-up in this country but I’ll try.  It’s actually much like Haiti in the way the houses are structured.

Continue to pray that I will adjust well, have no health issues, learn the culture and language (and my way around the city) , and am able to build relationships with the people – national and americans – here.  Tomorrow I will hopefully go to the school I will be teaching at.  Until then…

my room
'neighborhood' street
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