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meeting destiny… academy


I went to visit the school I will be starting at next Wednesday the past few days: getting a tour, helping with a couple ‘teacher training’ days, and getting curriculum for what I will be teaching (English Grammar and English Reading for 3rd through 7th grade).  As of now, I have about a fourth of what I will need for next Wednesday, but hey – no big deal.  They currently have Pre-K through 7th grade (this is the first year they have 7th grade) and acquired a new building in order to handle the extra children; they had been blessedly out-growing the old one for a while.  This school is in the middle of one of the poorest areas in the city; they are privately funded and continue to accept new children because of people sponsoring a child’s year for a few hundred dollars.

Here is the Pre-K – 2nd facility.  It is kind of an L shape and goes on about 3 or 4 rooms more to the right.  Hareg (in the photo) is the owner of the school.

destiny (pre-k through 2nd)


And this is the new building…  It will house 3rd through 7th grade if I understand right.

3rd-7th grade (new school).

We also later went to a friends house.  Much of the time when someone comes over they do a ‘coffee ceremony’.  She explained to us that some people will do this three times each day.  It was an interesting process and very good coffee coming out of it all.

Here she is putting lots of sugar in those little cups.  Did I mention the coffee was good?

coffee ceremony.

I’ve realized this culture is very relational.  They are not bound by time, instead, they just want to hang out and talk with you – even make a little food or coffee if you come to their house to visit.  The Lord is teaching me much about just being.  Being in His time, in the present (the only real time), worrying about nothing and seeking His kingdom to come.  He’s been showing me again what He told Abram in Genesis 12:  that He bless us so that we may bless others.  Pray that He continues to teach His people through the people here and that we may be peace, encouragement, hope, salt, and light to a people that desperately need it and don’t even know.

Let us remember Jesus proclaimed, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom.”


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