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Meskel, a bonfire, and school days


Meskel was a couple weekends ago – it’s a holiday here that the Orthodox people celebrate to honor the finding of the true cross Jesus was crucified on. With it comes a huge bonfire in the middle of the city along with many little bonfires in various neighborhoods. We had one of our own, as you can see.


It was all fun and games (with the tradition of running around the fire) until it collapsed. Don’t worry though, there were no casualties.



What am I saying? It was still fun and games after it fell down.




These are two beautiful girls we met in a different part of our neighborhood (my roommate and I were on our way to eat when we stumbled upon them).


And here are some long overdue pictures of the children I teach during the day. This is the fourth grade class.


Here’s a look at the fifth graders as well.




These smiles were captured in front of the upper grades school building.



My time here has been challenging and good in many different ways. You can continue praying for health – it’s apparently pretty easy for foreigners to get sick here – seems like someone else each week. Also that the Lord would provide relationships with nationals who are open and have time. Remember, our God is faithful and good. Let us give Him glory with each breath.

Love and peace from Africa.

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  1. Sue permalink
    October.8.2009 3:34pm

    I am praying for you and appreciate all the pictures that you post. Many friends tell me how they are praying for you and your health, protection, and joy.

    Miss you and love you so much,


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