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the hope of Glory


The past few weeks I have begun to realize (yet again) how great a hope to which I have been called. As followers of Jesus, we have distinctive characteristics that distinguish us from the world – the most distinctive, I have seen, is that we have a hope. The hope of Jesus’ righteousness replacing our own, the hope that one day all will be set right – justice will reign, beauty will flourish, love will abound, and all people will acknowledge the significance of Christ – the assurance of the acceptance of our God. As I have talked with people here, I’ve seen that without the hope of Glory, nothing matters. Many here risk being beaten or left to die in a desert because they are so willing to find a hope – a hope of a better life somewhere other than here.
This is true in all of our lives in a sense – our hope is of a better life than the one we began crying out of our mother’s womb. We, as lovers of Jesus, have been born again to an abundant life, an abundant life that’s lived from our spirit’s new birth until eternity. Let us understand each morning how great the hope is that we have been given! Do not take this love for granted; our Father has foreknown, predestined, called, and justified each of His children! No matter what happens in this life, whether trials or loves, persecution or acceptance, suffering or comfort, our God has chosen us to become part of this royal priesthood – Jesus has beckoned us forth to be a part of His body, His bride. “In this life do not be discouraged,” calls Christ to his disciples, “Do not be afraid; do not lose hope. One day, I will set all things upright.” Let us look to Him – and simply look. That is all we have to do – look to Christ – seek the One who has chosen us in Himself before the foundation of the world.


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  1. Sue permalink
    October.30.2009 6:10am

    AMEN! Isn’t it amazing to be HIS – to wake up each day with that one thought – He has given us a new day to love Him and see Him in everything. Now we just have to choose to do it – seems like such an easy task until we step out of our bed and begin to look through our own eyes and not through His. My prayer is that I continue to see everyone and everything with the ‘eyes of the Lord’……thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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