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the sun [also] rises


Many times I know characteristics that are true of me – of my soul – that I just can’t form into words. I’ve realized that through the many conversations I’ve had with people, trying to communicate with the limited vocabulary I have (kids, really learn your vocab words – don’t just memorize all 20 of them ten minutes before the test).  But every once in a while, I find something in literature that speaks truths that were before unspeakable with my mouth – striking a chord that vibrates at the same frequency as my soul.  This happens to be one of them.  Probably obscure to many who are reading this, but maybe for the one or two it speaks to (truth about who you are, or an insight into who I am), I put it up none-the-less.

“Aficion means passion. An aficionado is one who is passionate about the bull-fights… Men would come in from distant towns and before they left Pamplona, and stop and talk for a few minutes with Montoya about bulls.  These men were aficionados.  Those who were aficionados could always get rooms even when the hotel was full.  Montoya introduced me to some of them.  They were always very polite at first, and it amused them very much that I should be American.  Somehow it was taken for granted that an American could not have aficion.  He might simulate it or confuse it with excitement, but he could not really have it. When they saw that I had aficion, and there was no password, no set questions that could bring it out, rather it was a sort of oral spiritual examination with the questions always a little on the defensive and never apparent, there was this same embarrassed putting the hand on the shoulder, or a “Buen hombre.” But nearly always there was the actual touching.  It seemed as though they wanted to touch you to make it certain.  Montoya could forgive anything of a bull-fighter who had aficion.  He could forgive attacks of nerves, panic, bad unexplainable actions, all sorts of lashes.  For the one who had aficion, he could forgive anything.”  -Ernest Hemingway (The Sun Also Rises)

How much I love our God and the mysterious and wind-like ways His Spirit moves.


random picture.  because it is my blog and i felt like it.  enjoy.


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