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SPECIAL: 3 for 1



ok, so I haven’t updated in a while.. but now you get three events in one! Special!

Number One: We had a Pumpkin Party at the end of October at our house and invited some of the american families we know here to join in. Festivities included pumpkin carving, bobbing for mangos, awesome costumes, and a homemade pinata. It was great time getting to know everyone and eating good food.






Number Two: This past week (Friday for English) at Destiny, the students had their final exams for the first quarter. The kids were grateful to be through with them and it was a great experience of how school is done in different cultures… which also means everybody gets Thursday and Friday off from school!

Number Three: Last weekend I went to the house of a fellow teacher. I got to meet her family and friends as well as eat delicious food! It was a great time to get into the community and deeper into who she is. We had a blast and I’m looking forward to spending more time with her in the next couple months.




and Merry Christmas, btw.


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