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countryside and christmas


A couple weeks ago I visited a town about 9 hours north of here to see some out of the capital and the work that was happening with that team.  It was beautiful and amazing – and the scenery was just half of that.  The group of Americans there lived in close community and not only within themselves, but it also spread to the nationals with whom they lived among.  I had more language and cultural experiences in one week out in the country than I’ve had living in the city for 3 months.  I could see the Lord working and His Spirit moving among their relationships.  One day we drove about 1 1/2 hours out into the countryside and visited a friend, a lady they call Mama.  She was very hospitable and wanted to cook for us even though she had less than I could imagine.  Through my friends, she and some other people from her village had accepted the Lord quite a few months ago – they have been growing in their knowledge of the Lord ever since.  My time there was very encouraging and enlightening.

Below are some beautiful girls that were on their way to school.

and This is at Mama’s house.


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