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hope in the crazy hopelessness


you may recall that i visited Haiti this summer with these wonderful people.

Haiti Team

i can’t tell you how much that has affected how i view this earthquake and it’s effects on the families living there.  somehow, it just seems real.

i feel like normally i have a hard time connecting with the hurt of people that are away from me – that i never met, nor would ever meet.  even the september 11th deaths or various hurricanes/ tornadoes/ tsunamis i’ve heard about in the past 22 years of my life could not tug at the strings of my heart hard enough to muster up emotion.  but Haiti – i know these people.  i’ve walked where there is now only rubble.  i’ve met the little girls who may or may not still have breath in their lungs.

i know the people who are doing something about the widespread devastation – who are opening their freshly damaged homes to people with freshly damaged bodies and trying to put them back together. trying to show them hope in this crazy hopeless situation.  what little the people there had is now all lost. all of it.  homes, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, body parts.  the earthquake ripped these precious lives and possessions from them without warning or asking.

yet, through all of this, i know our God has His purpose in it, and His purpose is good – it is for His glory and for His children’s good.  join with me in praying that He continues to use this hopeless situation to bring Haitians to Himself.  to make the orphans His children and the widowed part of His bride.

and if you would also like to join with me in narrowing the monetary need that has been spreading since january 12th, you can give some to these people and trust it’s going directly to bandaging wounds and hearts, searching for lost, and providing food and water.

grace and peace from our Jesus in this time of chaos.

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  1. Sue permalink
    January.20.2010 6:22am

    Thank you for giving me a place to donate funds to help with this tragedy. It is so good to know that God takes the tragedies and uses them for His glory.

    One thing I see out of all of this is that the many orphans that are being adopted into the United States will be among many Christian familes and raised to love the Lord – that is my prayer!

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