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the aftermath.


so, i realize the title may sound negative.  it’s not, i promise.  i just liked how it sounded.

and if you haven’t heard, i’m back from africa (that is what the non-negative title was referring to).

the trip (all wrapped up) was good.  i had new experiences everyday.  the Lord taught me much through being somewhere out of my comfort zone.  and He taught me i had a comfort zone.  i never thought of myself as a person having one, but apparently i do.  most of anything being there, i learned that i missed my community here.  i realized that living overseas as a ‘missionary’ is just the same as living in your little town / big city in america and being intentional.  Jesus’ words about loving each other and other people who you don’t even know or other people you do know and aren’t necessarily accustomed to liking to show His love now make more and practical sense to me.

all in all, the Lord taught me more than i thought or expected to have learned.  and i learned that i really enjoy being able to eat fruit right after i buy it and drink shower water whenever i like.  but i do miss the people – and the coffee.

what’s next, i assume you’re asking?  well, i’m living in college station and substitute teaching and babysitting until i snag a teaching job.  i’ve applied, now i’m just waiting for a young lady to have a baby or an old lady / man to retire.  we’ll see!

i hope you all have a happy day.

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