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“You’re GOOD.”


It hit me yesterday while I was reading the Jesus Storybook Bible* that when the Lord told His newly formed creation, “You’re GOOD,” it wasn’t merely some effusive praise or merited approval – it was a dictum sent forth to every corner of their beings.

And as I was pondering this, He showed me how He speaks this into our lives now, as well – we have only to embrace the grace that comes through Jesus. Our God screams out, “You’re GOOD!” not only over our adopted spirits, but also into out shortcomings, mistakes, and sins. Now I’m not saying that He thinks those imperfections are good by definition, but rather that He makes all those things good. He makes all things good for Himself. He promises all things will work together for our well-being and ultimately for the praise of His glorious grace.  Our hope is great!  How holy and blessed and sovereign is our Father!


*I purchased this a few months ago after reading Andrew Peterson’s review.  It’s veraciously fanciful and I enjoy every minute I read… and I’m not even a kid.

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