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the goodness of the Lord [exorbitantly evinced in teaching]


The Lord has been good.  Well, he’s always good but lately my soul has been made to rest long enough to see it.  My flesh attests to it each morning.  Approbation abounds from my lips to my King each day.   The Lord has placed me in a city where resting is easy for me – and, ironically enough, as a first-grade teacher.  Those two phrases probably aren’t seen in conjunction all that often, yet they’ve collided this year in my life.  Rest and teaching.  Teaching and rest.  I thank my God each day for filling me with His Spirit, for inspiring me to teach abundant life and Kingdom ways to young children.  All abilities and skills are poured out by Him.  All wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord.

Now don’t misunderstand me, teaching does take up much time. It is hard work that takes patience, energy, diligence, love, patience, creativity, preparations, and much more patience. And usually in the past pattern of life – because of my brokenness – patience was a struggle. Oh, but how much grace He has shown me this year! Everyday I am utterly astounded with how much patience has been produced through His Spirit in me. Words elude me to better describe these graces. And because our God continually teaches me sweetly of his ways, I trust (and know) that He has brought me here not only for my good, but also for His glory – so disciples of Jesus can be formed from these 6 and 7 year-olds.

Joy gushes forth from my spirit each day when I see my student’s faces, behold their blithe spirits, and hear their hilariously innocent words. They make me laugh so hard. I thought it best to share some with you.

  • “Today my friend’s coming to sleepover.  Except she’s younger.  I’m six-and-a-quarter-and-a-half and she’s only six.”
  • “Dear God thank you for this day.  Please help Satan not to turn us over to the evil side.  Amen.”
  • “I wish I could live in a body… I mean, I wish I could live inside someone else’s body… like a giant.  I’ve never seen inside someone’s body before!”
  • “You mean God loves us even more than all our other daddies?”
  • [During Math] Me: “You have 4 pillows on your bed and your brother comes and takes 1 pillow away.  What do we do first?”  Student:  “Ask him to give it back…?”
  • “How do you spell TV?”
  • “Miss Ratterree, this number right here is how old my mom is!”
  • “Glue smells good… mmm…”


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