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oh, Christmas… Let’s be friends.


Christmas and I normally don’t get along.

I don’t enjoy a two-week change in a perfectly good schedule, miles of driving, and singing songs about an overweight grandpa that watches me ALL THE TIME.  I especially don’t enjoy songs* that sugar-coat the birth of our Rescuer into something clean, quiet, and calm.  Don’t get me wrong, I teach first grade, songs with talking animals and little boys playing instruments are great – but when fiction and fact are constantly mixed, its a little tiring to say the least.

But, through all of this, I’ll fight to be her friend.  Because it’s inevitable that we’ll meet face to face, year after year, whether or not I’m ready for her.

So Christmas, here’s to you.

Right now, you’re just two days away.  You’re the day we, as Christians, have set aside each year to remember and remind each other of the moment in history where the mystery was revealed to earth – where it met heaven, met the truth, met its Rescuer.  The one life that changes how all life views itself in the prescence of God.  Because now, by faith, we can have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Because now, each time we mess up and act in ways that are so incredibly offensive to God, when we deserve nothing but death, He exchanges life.  Real life.  Abundant life.  Real abundant life that is eternal – that begins exactly where we are now, on earth, but lasts forever.  Let us rejoice that He changes things – people, realtionships, situations – He doesn’t let them stay broken and dead.  Let us rejoice that our bridegroom was born.  He was born among the poor, the hurting, the dirty, into the roughest of situations – that He could redeem it all.  Every entrenched area was uprooted by his hands and words.  And it still is.  We have hope.  We have hope because our Rescuer came and did not rest until death was killed.  Hallelujah.

Let us remember our warrior-bridegroom.  Let us rejoice that He’s coming back very soon.

So thank you, Christmas, for existing.  Thank you for meeting me each year.  Thank you for setting aside this time.  Let’s be friends.  Real ones.


* Now, here’s the thing, music deeply affects me.  Concepts that can’t be expressed any other way are able to make sense when people communicate them with strings and drums and various metals.  So, where I’m going with this may not strike you in the same way, and that’s fine.  This is my blog, not yours.  You don’t have to agree with what I say, and there’s beauty in that as well.

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