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they’re forever lost in the sound of the air

i try to grasp them, to bind them, to tie them

to a page, but they’re never the same

as when they first left my mouth.


i would run too, if i was a word.

who lets themself be taken captive?

at least put up a fight for your well-deserved liberty.


and anyway, it’s much better to be free,

to be left up to faint wisps of memories

and vague rememberences of interpretations.


i can see them now, scattering

just out of reach and tangled enough to disguise

their true form from the eye

of the one whose mind follows them

around every winding corner.


so for now, i’ll just let them be,

ever-reaching lines never destined to be bound

and gagged by writing implements,

running with their descriptive arms raised high….

naked. uninhibited. wild.

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